Car modifications in Lavington

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Modifications for motoring enthusiasts

When it comes to performance upgrades for your vehicle, Bullivant Automotive is the name you can trust. Our specialists can take your ride to the next level.

Lifting & Lowering

Whether you want to professionally lower or lift your car, the specialists at Bullivant Automotive offers a range of lowering and lifting services that will give your vehicle the height and ground clearance that you prefer.

Tyres & Coilovers

Wider wheels and tyres not only look fantastic, they also give you improved road-grip and handling ability. High-performance springs or coilovers can also give you a firm ride and ensure that your tyres stay in contact with the road at high speeds and when going over bumps and road deviations.
Ricer Wheel — Automotive Service in Lavington, NSW
Filter — Automotive Service in Lavington, NSW

Transmission & Gearbox Upgrades/Conversions

Our gearbox upgrades include completing a full manual conversion to suit your preference (automatic transmission to manual transmission). Our team at Bullivant Automotive also provide services for high-performance vehicles to ensure that they have the appropriate gearbox to suit high-powered engines.

Car Upgrades

Our car upgrades include suspension, brakes, engine and exhaust modifications. Whether you feel the need for increased speed, or you want a car that turns heads, our team at Bullivant Automotive will help you achieve your goals. We also offer a range of light vehicle modifications, from transmission changes to brake improvements, as well as roof conversions, child restraint anchorage installation, body lifts, front suspension and steering modifications.
Important Note: Prior to purchasing any add-ons or modifications of your own, be sure to consult with the experts at Bullivant Automotive. We are well-acquainted with the laws regarding aftermarket vehicle modification and will be able to advise as to the legality of any modifications or add-ons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about servicing or repairs? Not sure about a modification or an add-on? We’ve got the answers!

My car needs a service, but I don’t see the make/model listed on the home page. Do you provide servicing for other vehicles?
We have provided a list of the most popular models that we service. However, just because your model isn’t listed doesn’t mean that we can’t help. Call us today and let us know what kind of car you have and what kind of service you need—we’re here to help.
I have a brand new car and it’s time for its first service. My dealer told me that I have to bring the car to them in order to protect the warranty, but they charge a lot more. Can I bring my car to you instead?
I have an add-on that I’m looking at for my car. If I purchase it, can you do the actual work?
What do you charge for a basic service?
What sets you apart from your competition?
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