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You both expect and demand a lot from your tyres…and why not? In terms of safety, little on a car is more important than a well-built, high-performance tyre; yet you also want affordability and a lengthy tyre lifespan.
In addition to these requirements, you must also consider how your vehicle is being used on a regular basis. You will obviously need an all-season tyre that readily adjusts to weather conditions, but you also need to consider things like how often you drive your vehicle (i.e., a daily commute to and from work or only occasionally around town for errands, etc.), as well as the specific kind of driving your regular routine encompasses (i.e., city, highway, stop-and-go, rural, off-road, etc.).
When making a tyre selection, there is, of course, no greater consideration than your safety and the safety of your passengers. High-quality tyres that are in good condition are an extremely important safety aspect of your vehicle. Your tyres are the first point of your braking system and fill the vital role of keeping your car firmly gripped on the road; regardless of existing weather conditions or sudden (evasive) maneuvers. Equally vital is tyre alignment and wheel balance, in order to prevent poor handling and steering vibration.

Regular tyre check-ups and servicing will help to extend the life of your tyres. Your tyre checkup can also include rotation (to keep tyre wear equalized); as well as checks on your wheel alignment and wheel balance. Both are affordable checks and can greatly improve tyre life and performance, as well as your overall driving experience.
Tyre — Automotive Service in Lavington, NSW
If you are experiencing vibration issues or poor handling while driving (i.e., your car has a “floaty” feeling; you feel a lack of control when braking, etc.); if you are experiencing difficulties keeping tyres properly inflated or if you have low tyre tread and/or can see obvious balding areas, it is time to get your tyres checked and replaced.

We are experienced at both tyre maintenance and providing valuable advice on the purchase of new or replacement tyres for your car or 4WD. We can also conduct wheel alignment and balance check-ups. Contact our team of experts at Bullivant Automotive to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s for the life of your tyres

How do I know when it’s time for new tyres?
For the safest and most pleasurable driving experience, it's important to replace worn tyres. You should regularly check your tyres for wear or for bald spots and make those checks in several different tread locations. Also, tyres can wear differently on each side, due to poor wheel alignment or under-inflation. At Bullivant Automotive, we can quickly and easily assess if it’s time to replace one or more of your tyres – remember, optimum traction helps provide responsive handling for a safe and solid ride.
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How do I get more life out of my tyres so that I don’t have to replace them as often?
How often do my tyres really need to be changed?
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Do I have to replace all four tyres at the same time?
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