4WD repairs in Lavington

4WD Repairs — Automotive Service in Lavington, NSW

Expert 4WD repairs

You likely run your 4WD exactly the way that it is meant to be run: rough-and-tumble, through steep terrain, over rocks and on uneven ground.

However, even 4WDs that have received routine maintenance can hit a snag and require repair. When that time arrives, bring your 4WD in to Bullivant Automotive for specialised attention and expert repairs.
A list of our 4WD repair services includes, but is not limited to:
Suspension Repairs: Our mechanics repair all suspension components including, shock absorbers, coil springs, ball joints, control arms and leaf springs.

Brake Repairs: You should undergo regular brake inspection with each maintenance visit and plan to replace your pads with Bullivant Automotive approximately every 50,000 kilometres (depending on personal vehicle usage).

Electrical Repairs: Much of your vehicle is affected by the electrical system. From general electrical issues to headlight replacements, when something goes off or out, Bullivant Automotive will quickly diagnose the issue and get you going once again.

Wheel Alignments: When your wheels are out of alignment, several things can happen. Your steering will be affected by “pulling” to one side, your suspension will suffer, the wear of your tyres will be uneven and your safety will be compromised. We will keep you safe and help to preserve the life of your vehicle by providing prompt wheel alignments.

Reconditioning Repairs: Depending on the specific repair that is required, we perform reconditioning of select parts and areas of the vehicle. Please give us a call for additional information and options.

Engine Repairs: Are you experiencing engine trouble? Engines are one of the “can’t wait” areas of automotive service and when it comes to your 4WD. If you suspect engine problems or a warning light has indicated potential issues, visit the experts at Bullivant Automotive as soon as possible.