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Keep Your Fleet on the Street with Bullivant Automotive

The overall health and condition of your company’s fleet of vehicles are vital to your business. Whether you are a small business with a few vehicles in your fleet or a large conglomerate with hundreds of vehicles on the road at any given time, you simply cannot afford to have vehicles that are poorly or under-serviced; nor can you afford to have your employees stranded or unable to travel at all.
We have been providing fleet vehicle servicing and repair for over seven years; including the provision of full fleet service and repair to government departments and large construction companies. Our expert mechanics are equipped to perform all fleet services and repairs on-site; saving your business valuable downtime. Additionally, you will enjoy personalised service with a dedicated Account Manager; as well as the option to have your own dedicated mechanic that cares for all of your vehicles.
Our fleet vehicle services enable you to:
  • Stay in control of your costs: We provide you with a fixed price for all vehicle services; as well as an itemised quote prior to any repairs commencing on your vehicles. We also prioritise the repair quote for you, so you can clearly see which service and repairs are the most important.
  • Track all servicing and repair history: In addition to stamping your log book, we also keep a database of all previous services and repairs completed on each vehicle. In this way, you are guaranteed that existing work will never be unnecessarily duplicated. You will also have a comprehensive overview of the potential repairs and costs of your fleet prior to the end of lease terms.
We keep your business moving with our tailored fleet management solutions. Experience the care, confidence and convenience that are the hallmarks of Bullivant Automotive and call us to discuss your fleet needs today.


Answers for managing your fleet vehicles

How many vehicles do I need to qualify for fleet servicing?
We manage fleets ranging in size from a few vehicles to hundreds. The time that it takes to manage a fleet can fast become a full-time job. Trust the experienced fleet maintenance experts at Bullivant Automotive to care for your vehicles.
Who actually handles fleet maintenance?
I’m interested in an ongoing month-to-month maintenance program. What would the cost be and would I be entitled to discounts?
How often should fleet vehicles be serviced?
Do you cover inspections for fleet vehicles?
I have questions about fleet maintenance that I don’t see listed here. Can you still help me?
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