4WD servicing in Lavington

Offroad Car — Automotive Service in Lavington, NSW

Your 4WD servicing experts

With a fully equipped workshop and 4WD-qualified technicians, we are ready to handle virtually any service or repair that your 4WD requires. We offer a wide range of services for 4WD vehicles including, but not limited to:
  • General Servicing: Keep your new car warranty intact with our logbook servicing. We also keep track of your service visits on our computer systems, so you never have to worry about missing a routine maintenance appointment.
  • Suspension: A fully-serviced suspension ensures that you have optimised control of the vehicle. It also prolongs the life of your tyres and braking system. Our experienced team handles all 4WD steering, suspension service and upgrades. Ensure a smooth, comfortable ride by keeping your suspension in good working condition.
  • Air Conditioning: Australia’s climate can be unforgiving in the summer months. When you are visiting hot and remote areas, you will want a fully functioning air conditioner.
  • Wheel Alignment: Using your 4WD in the ways that it is meant to be used means that you need to have your wheel alignment checked regularly. We use one of the most advanced alignment testing machines on the market. Stop in and have your wheels checked prior to your next trip.
Let the experts at Bullivant Automotive handle your 4WD needs. You’ll be so glad you did!