Vehicle inspections

Car Inspection — Automotive Service in Lavington, NSW

Our Vehicle Inspections Guarantee a Better Automotive Experience

We always say that Bullivant Automotive is “keeping you safe on the road”… and we mean it. Whether your inspection is for the pre-purchase of a vehicle, a health and safety check, keeping your vehicle warranty-compliant or you are claiming warranty repairs, bring your car to Bullivant Automotive for all of your vehicle inspection needs. We conduct complete and thorough vehicle inspections for all of your current and future automotive needs.
Each area of your current or pre-purchase vehicle is thoroughly inspected and thereafter reported in an easy-to-understand and precise manner. We diagnose and report any current issues, as well as any potential future problems and clearly state all findings.
Our vehicle inspections include, but are not limited to:
  • Engine and mechanical inspection
  • Interior and all components
  • Underbody carriage
  • Air conditioning (interior)
  • Cooling system
  • Steering and suspension
  • Braking system
  • Transmission
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Road testing

Roadworthy Inspections

We understand that life happens and that it can be easy to forget when your renewal is due. For that reason, we are pleased to offer express NSW Roadworthy Certificate service. If you need a Roadworthy Certificate completed in a hurry (like today!), call us right away and let us know. We will make sure that your car is NSW Roadworthy compliant and we will do so quickly. Relax and let us take care of your vehicle today.
Under Chassis Inspection — Automotive Service in Lavington, NSW

Pre-purchase Inspections – We are Your Eyes and Ears

A pre-purchase vehicle inspection is a comprehensive report of the current condition of a vehicle prior to purchase. More importantly, it is a great negotiating tool with a seller and peace of mind for you as a buyer. If you are planning to purchase a previously-owned vehicle, we can ensure that you don’t wind up purchasing a “lemon”; while also identifying points that may help you negotiate a lower sale price. Spending a small amount of money for a licensed, qualified mechanic to inspect a vehicle prior to purchase may save you thousands of dollars; both with the sale price and with future service and repair.

Our approved examiners are expert in pre-purchase inspection and in diagnosing any issues prior to the provision of Safety Certificates. Our examiners will give you an unbiased, knowledgeable opinion as to whether the existing wear on your planned purchase is appropriate to both the vehicle’s age and intended use. Once the inspection is completed and while still in possession of the vehicle, the examiner will contact you to thoroughly go over its condition and answer any questions that you may have.

A safe and secure vehicle purchase plus peace of mind – visit Bullivant Automotive for your pre-purchase inspection today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions regarding vehicle inspections answered

What is actually checked during a roadworthy inspection?
Some common problems picked up in roadworthy tests include: oil leaks, condition of tyres, faulty lights, non-secure seats and seat belts; brake defects, excessive smoke and noise, windscreen chips/cracks and vehicle body flaws. In order to ensure that your vehicle roadworthy, it must be taken to an authorised vehicle tester like Bullivant Automotive for a certified roadworthy/safety check.
How much does a roadworthy inspection cost?
Who issues the roadworthy certificates?
What is a pre-purchase inspection?
What are the benefits of a pre-purchase vehicle inspection?
Who can use pre-purchase vehicle inspections?